Escalators get dirty.

EscaTEQ makes cleaning them easy.


Why use Clean -TEQ instead of any other cleaning solution?

Escalators are the most expensive, most visible and all too often, the most dangerous flooring in any building. Therefore, escalators have critical requirements that if not properly met, can create exposure to hazards or cause damage their finishes, components or safety systems.

Clean-TEQ solution is specifically formulated to be safe for use on all escalator and travellator (moving walkway) brands models and finishes. Clean-TEQ is a neutral pH, low foaming, no rinse cleaner with anti-corrosion and slip resistance additives. Clean-TEQ dissolves oil grease and mineral soiling, including stains and, dries quickly leaving no slippery residue when used as directed.


  1. Clean-TEQ is the only solution formulated specifically for use with Absorb-TEQ pads. Using any other cleaning solutions may compromise the pads life expectancy, cleaning effectiveness and, their ability to rinse out adequately for reuse.
  2. Other cleaning solutions may also leave a residue, potentially damaging the escalators finish or, causing the treads to become even more slippery if a drink is spilled on them.
  3. Other cleaning solutions may not have corrosive inhibitors, potentially causing damage to the mechanics or electronics, including safety systems that operate beneath.

Gentle on the environment:
Clean-TEQ solution is manufactured with respect for the environment.
It contains no phosphates, butyl, bleaches, NTA, chlorine or ammonia and is alkaline free.
Even the container is made from HDPE-2 for easier recycling.

Dilute Clean-TEQ 10:1 with water before use. Do Not Use Clean-TEQ Undiluted

Download your free Safety Data Sheet in your language here (.PDF)