Escalators get dirty.

EscaTEQ makes cleaning them easy.

Step 1: Order a free Fit Tool

This is the Fit Tool. 

Left you see the V-pattern, right the W-pattern.

To use the Fit Tool, simply place the tool with the side that fits into the treads. This is image shows that this escalator is a W-pattern.

Pattern markings are visible for ease of identification on all Absorb-TEQ pads. This image is of a W pattern.

‘Elevate Safety, Step up to Clean’

Step 2: Choose your escalator cleaning tool

Fit Tool on escalator tread. The V-side fits so this escalator has a V-pattern.

  1. Tread-TEQ tool 600 mm (24 inch)
  2. Tread-TEQ tool 800 mm (32 inch)
  3. Tread-TEQ tool 1000 mm (40 inch)
Download the price list (.PDF)