NEW – Clean-TEQ™ solution

 Faster cleaning. Improved safety. Better results 

 EscaTEQ®, the global leader in low cost, easy to use escalator and travellator cleaning systems announces the next generation of high-performance tread cleaning solution, Clean-TEQ. 

Our all new formulation maintains all of its original high-performance cleaning characteristics, including pH neutrality, low foaming properties, powerful degreasing and dirt removal, while adding new and improved anti-slip agents that can help stop the growth of odour causing bacteria and promote safer escalator usage. 

Because escalators can be hazardous, traction is critical and our new Clean-TEQ solution, used with regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning can help lower both maintenance costs and safety hazards, while delivering much higher aesthetic standards in any building or facility. 

Clean-TEQ is specifically formulated to work with Absorb-TEQ® pads, a patent pending high performance escalator cleaning sponge system that uses a small amount of liquid by applying a very thin film of the solution that dries quickly and leaves no residue when used as directed. 

P/N 801080.10 
1 US Gallon (3.785 liters) 
2 x Gallons per Case 
Made in the USA