Escalators get dirty.

EscaTEQ makes cleaning them easy.

Cost comparison

In the EU, a typical outsourced escalator cleaning service usually costs approximately € 1,200.00. Using the Tread-TEQ system for bi-weekly maintenance cleaning of an escalator costs approximately € 10.00 EUR per cleaning. ​(52 weeks x 2 = 104 cleanings) at € 10.00 per cleaning, an estimated annual cost of € 1,040.00 per escalator is assumed.

Therefore, at over 100 cleanings per year per escalator, using Tread-TEQ twice a week can still be less expensive than one outsourced escalator cleaning per year, based on the € 1200.00 per escalator outsourced cleaning cost described above.

Additionally, because dirt accumulates almost immediately after an escalator has been cleaned, the typical annual, bi-annual, or even monthly cleaning of escalators is still far too infrequent for an escalators value, visibility, traffic and slip, trip and fall exposure.

Tread-TEQ is very inexpensive and easy to use, lightweight, one person operational, requires no external power to operate and, allows your facility’s escalators to be clean, beautiful and safe, for less.

The calculations used in the examples portrayed above are all estimates and are for example purposes only. Your material costs, labor rates, and cleaning times may all vary. Material costs are based on EscaTEQ 2019 MSRP pricing. The calculations portrayed include pad reusability assumptions of 10 times per pad, a € 20.00 EUR per hour labor rate, and a 15-minute cleaning time estimate. The condition of your escalators, the amount and type of dirt accumulated and other variables will all affect your outcome, your actual costs and your results. A €1,200.00 outsourced cleaning cost is assumed for this example, costs to do the same procedure in your area may differ.