Escalators get dirty.

EscaTEQ makes cleaning them easy.

EscaTEQ is an innovation design lab that manufactures easy to use, cost effective escalator cleaning tools. We are a diverse group of creative thinkers, enthusiastic engineers, ​and global business leaders.

Our Mission

To make the cleaning of escalators so fast, simple and cost effective, that they will be cleaned at the same frequency and regularity as all other flooring areas. ​In accomplishing this, we will make escalators around the world a safer, more beautiful and more enjoyable experience for the millions that ride them each day.

‘Elevate Safety, Step up to Clean’

Our Brand Values


​Our products must be intuitive, ergonomic and easy to use, without the need for complicated training.


​The goal of innovation is to solve a problem, not just make something new. Before we call it innovative, it must create value as a product or process that did not exist before.


Few people expect a company that makes cleaning tools to consider beauty an important brand value. We do. ​Beauty is in meticulous design, better materials and higher quality manufacturing processes.