Escalators get dirty.

EscaTEQ makes cleaning them easy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Escalators have historically been cleaned at extremely low levels of frequency, primarily due to the very high costs and complexities associated with purchasing, maintaining and operating the labor intensive, time consuming, cumbersome machines available today.

As an escalator rotates upside down, it can accumulate grease or oil from the operating mechanics beneath. This accumulation of a highly slippery substance on the standing or stepping surface of a moving escalator can be extremely hazardous. This condition can be made worse when a drink is spilled on the treads, and the combination of a spilled drink on an oily metal tread surface can increase the likelihood of a slip and fall accident.

The Tread-TEQ system is designed as a weekly, bi-weekly or daily maintenance cleaning system. However, depending on the amount of dirt built up and, the age or condition of the escalators being cleaned, it can also be used to remove large amounts of soil, likely requiring multiple cleaning cycles and pads for the first restorative cleaning. Once restoration is accomplished, Tread-TEQ should be used maintain the escalators safety and aesthetics through a more frequent cleaning schedule.

For the same reasons that a sponge hand car wash is preferred over a rotating bristle brush car wash, escalator cleaning with the Tread-TEQ system is less abrasive on the painted, polished, powder coated or plastic finishes most commonly found on escalator treads. Additionally, it uses a very small amount of liquid that is applied by the sponge, not sprayed, so it won’t drip or leak into the mechanics and electronics beneath.

Since Tread-TEQ does not require a separate power source, there are no power cords to trip over and there’s little chance of electrical shock. Additionally, Absorb-TEQ pads have a quick release (T-Bar) system designed to break away from the device should an issue occur.

The Tread-TEQ system has been in use around the globe, through thousands of cleaning cycles, in dozens of countries on all major brands, makes and models of escalators and travellators without issue, without failure and with no damage reported to date.

Because Tread-TEQ is so light, easy to transport and one person operational, a spilled drink can be resolved in just a few minutes, additionally helping to avoid any long-term damage caused by drinks that, when left unresolved, can allow their potentially corrosive ingredients to damage the escalators finish over time.

Clean-TEQ has been specifically formulated to safely clean all escalator brands and models. Clean-TEQ is pH neutral, has corrosive inhibitors, traction additives, is safe for all escalator tread surfaces and, dries quickly and without a slippery residue when used as directed.

Most escalators can withstand a very small level of moisture, whether in the form of rain (outdoor installations) or in the form of the many drinks such as coffee and sodas that are often spilled on them. Clean-TEQ is used in extremely small amounts and is delivered as a thin film, allowing almost no leakage to occur when used as directed.

Absorb-TEQ pads are typically used for cleaning cycles that last about 5 minutes, depending on the type and amount of dirt accumulated and, the age and condition of the escalator. A visual inspection of the pads should be done to determine their condition and usability after each cleaning cycle. If some of the cleaning teeth are missing, broken or torn, and if the sponge begins to visibly degrade, the pads should be replaced. When used for maintenance cleaning, Absorb-TEQ pads usually last between 10 to 15 cleaning cycles, while restorative cleaning tends to break the pads down much faster and 5 to 10 cleaning cycles are typically expected.

Risers accumulate stains primarily from the dirt that accumulates on the treads surface over time, and then migrates or spills over onto the risers. When the treads are cleaned more frequently, dirt won’t accumulate and spill over onto the risers. For spot cleaning the risers, use the Riser-TEQ system, a lightweight, easy to use sponge cleaning device designed to easily and quickly remove stains and grease from the vertical risers.