is a patented cleaning sponge formulation that allows our Tread-TEQ and Riser-TEQ cleaning pads to clean faster and more completely. Absorb-TEQ rinses better and dries faster too.

Why does Absorb-TEQ work better than a regular sponge material?

  • A better cleaning pad:

The unique and patented formulation allows for a higher ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) which provides for a more rigid material, allowing the teeth of our cleaning pads to apply greater pressure at the very bottom of the treads’ grooves, where the majority of dirt accumulates. By generating more pressure at the bottom of the tread or riser grooves, more dirt is removed faster, with less effort.


  • A larger cleaning surface:

Because Absorb-TEQ is so rigid, a backer material (found on other brands) is not required.  Because sponge is normally soft, it cannot withstand the pressures generated by an escalators’ movement. Backer materials are added to resolve this material weakness, to increase the strength of the pads. However, since backer materials are made from PE (Polyethylene) performance is diminished because PE is a closed cell foam, not designed or intended to clean. With Absorb-TEQ, the entire pad cleans, and cleans with up to 25% more cleaning surface, delivering up to 25% faster and better cleaning.


  • Absorb-TEQ is a dirt magnet:

The unique patent pending formulation of Absorb-TEQ also delivers a better cleaning result because of  its more aggressive cell structure. Feel the texture of an Absorb-TEQ pad and feel the cleaning power generated by its design, allowing our pads and our systems to remove more dirt faster, with less effort.

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