Designed to thoroughly clean escalator or travellator handrails, safely, quickly and effecively.

Benefits of Rail-TEQ:

  • Universal width hand tool, fits almost any brand, model or width of handrail.
  • Two-hand grip for ease of use, greater stability and less fatigue.
  • Removeable, washable, reusable microfiber cleaning pads.

Rubber-TEQ Solution:

Rubber-TEQ is a “quat” based, proprietary cleaning solution formulated for the quick, safe and effective cleaning of all escalator and travellator handrails.

Rubber-TEQ SDS

The problem:

The bone structure of the human hand does not allow for equal pressure around the entire contact surface of an escalators handrail. This means that cleaning the entire contact surface area of an escalators handrail by hand with a cloth, will not be effective and will also likely cause fatigue and cramps. It is extremely difficult for cleaning personnel to maintain pressure with a cloth for the longer periods of time needed to remove the dirt buildup found on escalator handrails.

The solution: 

Rail-TEQ allows operators to hold the device with both hands, with little effort, while the tool maintains pressure around the entire contact surface of the handrail. Additionally, our Microfiber, washable pads safely remove dirt buildup and, have a sponge liner that holds additional cleaning solution, allowing for longer cleaning cycles.

Our all new Rail-TEQ system comes complete with:

  • 1   – Rubber-TEQ concentrate “quat” based cleaning solution
  • 2   – Universal/Adjustable fit Hand tools
  • 10 – microfiber washable cleaning pads

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Disinfection of Hand Rails.

In order for most disinfection procedure to be effective, precleaning is generally required. Use Rail-TEQ to remove dirt and buildup prior to disinfection procedures or, in conjunction with other disinfection procedures, even mounted or built-in UV disinfection rules systems. 

Important: Review and adhere to all local and governmental disinfection requirements.