Can Escalators be Cleaned in 5 Minutes?

Can Escalators be Cleaned in 5 Minutes?

You may have asked yourself recently, “can escalators be cleaned in 5 minutes?” You may have searched how to clean escalators manually, or how to keep your escalators and travelators clean.

Chances are, you came up with very few helpful results, or found that they must be dismantled and cleaned manually – a very messy, tough job. It can be easy to ignore elevators, escalators, and moving walks or only clean them periodically. The truth is that either of these options may cause them to become dangerous to patrons or increase the costs of maintenance over time.

We’re going to tell you how you can clean your escalators and travelators in as little as 5 minutes, the importance of regular cleaning, and what tools you can use to complete this maintenance. (Hint: no heavy machinery required!) Keep reading to learn how to ensure all of these structures can have a beautiful appearance while remaining safe for customer use!

The Importance of Cleaning Your Escalators and Travelators

Elevators, escalators, and moving walks are all seen as soon as a customer walks into your place of business. Everything else in your building can be spotless, but if these systems are left dirty or unkempt, people will notice. Often, it’s these areas that lead people to question whether or not your building and workspace is truly clean.

Aside from improving your workspace’s overall appearance and cleanliness, choosing to keep these areas free of dirt and debris can help minimize mechanical maintenance costs, lower the average price of sanitation, and ensure customers’ safety.

Escalators and travelators require proper lubrication to operate, but the lubrication can cause these structures to become slippery over time. Regular, scheduled cleaning can help keep your customers safe by removing the excess grease and eliminating their chances of slipping after exiting.

The treads and risers in all escalators and travelators are magnets for dirt and grime. As this debris builds up, it can wreak havoc on the internal mechanisms of the engines. Keeping these parts thoroughly cleaned can help you avoid costly and premature repairs while also keeping ongoing maintenance costs low.

The Question Remains: Can Escalators be Cleaned in 5 Minutes?

There are clearly multiple benefits that come with the cleaning of escalators and travelators. However, the days of having to close down the escalators and walkways and either struggle with cleaning or reassembly are gone!

You can still choose to have your escalators fully dismantled and manually cleaned by a professional but this isn’t exactly the ideal practice. Instead, dirty escalators can be cleaned in just a few minutes with the use of our products and cleaning systems.

Of course, if your escalator has never been cleaned before and is quite dirty, the first cleaning may take a little while longer. After the initial cleaning, though, you’ll find that the process takes as little as 5 minutes. To keep cleaning times minimal, it’s important to schedule them frequently, based on the traffic through the area.

Most companies prefer to clean escalators during the times the building is closed or less busy. With this said, even if you must clean your escalators and travelators during a busier time of day, the process won’t cause these walkways to be shut down for long.

You should also note that the purchase of an Escateq escalator cleaning system will bring your average per cleaning cost down to less than $10.00! You’ll be happy to know that you can clean your escalator, walkway, or travelator daily for less than it would cost for a professional to do so weekly!

If you happen to have multiple escalators and travelators in your building, we have cleaning options to fit every size of tread, type or height of the riser, and can make sure that our system is custom-fitted to your needs!

Our Escalator Cleaning System vs. Theirs

Our escalator cleaning system is ideal for use on all types of escalators. Dirt is removed by a specially designed pad and cleaning solution that only requires light pressure. These specific designs will mean your walkways and other treaded areas can be cleaned in just a few short minutes.

Alternatively, other methods of cleaning require escalators to be dismantled and manually cleaned by hand which takes a longer period of time – usually hours! During this type of cleaning process, your escalator will be taken apart and washed. After washing, it must dry completely, then be reassembled, possibly taking 8-10 hours.

Other types of cleaning systems require specialized training to use, whereas the Escateq system is so easy that almost anyone can use it! Escalators, travelators, and moving walkways are complex pieces of equipment, and keeping them clean is important. However, the cleaning process doesn’t have to be difficult or overly expensive!

The other benefit of using an Escateq system? Our pads are reusable! You can use (and reuse) the cleaning pads until they’re damaged or worn, ultimately saving your company money while being environmentally friendly.

Overall, you can expect your escalator and walkways to be cleaned cost-effectively, quickly, and efficiently by your own maintenance staff without the need for closing these structures for long periods of time. You and your customers will be able to enjoy the beauty of your building without the extra hassles of outdated cleaning methods.

Are You Ready for a Clean Escalator?

Our goal is to help business owners, maintenance professionals, and building managers learn how to clean escalators manually without the headache of dismantling, washing, drying, and reassembly. You’ll find that the Escateq way of doing things is far easier, less expensive, and more efficient than previous escalator and travelator cleaning techniques!

If you’re ready to see for yourself the answer to the question, “can escalators be cleaned in 5 minutes” you should consider the purchase of our cleaning system! Contact Escateq today to learn more about the pricing of our system and to order a free fitting toolset!

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