Cleaning Systems for Escalator Treads

Source: Elevator World

EscaTEQ off ers several new-type cleaning solutions and promises more are on the way.

Rotterdam, Netherlands-based EscaTEQ B.V. offers several escalator cleaning devices. Tread-TEQ is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an escalator in just a few minutes. Since it uses the escalator’s propulsion to generate the cleaning action, no outside power is required, and there is no need to turn the escalator off . Its reusable cleaning pads come in three widths (60, 80 and 100 cm) and are available in V- and W-patterns. They feature a quick-release “T-Bar” system designed to break away from the device for safety. Riser-TEQ is a smaller version for escalator step risers. Both are designed to use the company’s Clean-TEQ pH-neutral concentrated detergent.

The company says that as an escalator rotates upside down, it can accumulate lubrication from the operating mechanics beneath. Drinks can also be spilled on the treads. The highly slippery substances on the standing or stepping surface can become extremely hazardous. Tread-TEQ is designed as a weekly or biweekly maintenance cleaning system, but, depending on the amount of dirt built up and the age or condition of the escalators, it can also be used to remove large amounts of soil, likely requiring multiple cleaning cycles and pads for a restorative cleaning. Once restoration is accomplished, Tread-TEQ can maintain the safety and aesthetics through a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Absorb-TEQ recently debuted as a high indentation load-deflection sponge. Designed to place more pressure at the bottom of treads grooves, where the most dirt accumulates, it can remove more dirt in a shorter time. It also has a large cleaning surface, as it doesn’t require a polyethylene backer. Th e company recommends weekly cleaning for low-traffic escalators such as in hotels and office buildings, biweekly cleaning for mid-traffic escalators like those in parking garages and malls, and daily cleaning for high-traffic escalators, such as those in airports and casinos.

Finally, EscaTEQ has plans for a new, patent-pending Rail-TEQ handrail-cleaning system designed to allow a single operator to clean and disinfect both (two) escalator and/or moving-walk handrails in as fast as 5 min., while the treads are being cleaned with Absorb-TEQ.

Source: Elevator World

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